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Assessments for Sales Managers


Great sales managers understand what it takes to be a great sales manager. They know how to spend their time and manage their own efforts. They have the skills and knowledge to help salespeople succeed. Most sales managers, however, are not great sales managers.

Unfortunately, most organisational leaders don’t know which ones are great, who has the potential to become great, or where their sales managers might actually be hurting sales performance.

Our IBP Sales Manager Assessment can help. 


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Are Your Sales Managers Focused On Building A High Performing Sales Team?

To build a top-performing sales team you need sales managers who are able to coach, motivate, and recruit salespeople while holding them accountable for performing at the highest possible level of achievement.

To make sure your managers are focused on the actions and employing the skills that will make a significant difference in your sales organisation’s success, our IBP Sales Manager Assessment answers the following questions:

  1. Are managers effective at developing and improving their sales team?
  2. Are each individual manager’s strategies aligned with the company’s overall sales strategy?
  3. Do sales managers possess the skill sets required for effective sales management?
  4. Do sales managers focus their energies in the areas that will most enable sales person success?
  5. Are your sales people comfortable with what they are expected to do and the environment in which they are expected to do it?

By answering these questions, you will be able to uncover the gaps in sales management that, if improved, will lead to significant growth for your organisation. We help you put the right people in the right sales management roles, and help you make sure your sales managers have the skills and outlook needed to succeed.


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