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Developing sales leaders

Dominance and assertion are often confused for natural leadership ability. Genuinely great leaders don’t just have the ability to dominate a situation, but have grown and developed much broader skills.

Defining what makes leaders great has been researched for well over 100 years by psychologists, scientists and the military. By drawing on this research and working with leading organisations in the field, IBP has developed a clear set of leadership competencies and behaviours that separate great leaders from the rest. We have supported global businesses to define and shape their own set of competencies, and delivered development centres to assess and grow their leadership capability against the models. See The Right People for more details.

The role of the sales manager

A great sales manager can turn an underperforming team into a top-performing one. Unfortunately the opposite is also true – a poor manager can take a top-performing team and turn it into a poorly performing one.

Sales managers must fulfil many roles to make sure that revenue targets are hit, from hiring to firing and everything in between. On top of all of that they must take off their “manager” hat and become a coach. Those who master this build a fantastic work environment for their people and drive outstanding performance in their businesses. Those who don’t can often come across as insincere, aggressive and out of touch with reality.

Sales manager coaching

IBP offer a unique set of development programmes for sales managers, as well as tools to help and support them in this challenging role.

Sales behaviour analysis

One of the core competencies that we help sales managers and sales coaches to develop is the ability to analyse a sales person’s behaviour. We teach managers how to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide accurate, objective feedback on sales performance, whether in a meeting or on a sales call. They then learn how to diagnose development needs and discuss options for improving sales capability.


Consistency is key. To ensure that all managers can develop their people, IBP provide accreditation programmes that test a manager’s coaching ability and certify it to an industry standard. Contact us for more information.