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Developing the sales process

A fatal and all too common flaw in many sales organisations is the misalignment of the sales process to the customer’s buying cycle. This leads to a mismatch between where the sales person believes they are in the sales cycle and where the customer actually is in their buying decision. This in turn means deals become stuck in the pipeline, sales forecasts are way off and the sales leader spends hours manipulating the CRM-reported pipeline analysis to provide an accurate expectation to the board.

Your way of selling

Having a clearly defined sales process allows skills and behaviour to be linked to different stages. Analytics can be pulled from the pipeline and development targeted to remove blockages, reduce training time and deliver specific, measurable return on investment. See our Sales Capability section for more information.

IBP have supported a wide variety of organisations to define and build their own ”way of selling”. We use our understanding of the customer’s changing world and add science to the process, providing clarity and enabling accurate forecasting. Our IMPACT Sales Process has been developed by identifying best practice and links to our sales methodology, skills and behaviours.

Territory, Account Planning and CRM

IBP offer defined Account Planning and territory tools which can be used by the sales force to carry strategic planning and to drive account development. These tools can be tailored to an organisation’s requirements and built into CRM platforms including Salesforce, GoldMine, Act! and programs from Oracle or SAP.