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scotland bald 2277840 tough mudder6 crazy members of the IBP Caring with impact team have signed up to take on the Tough Mudder challenge in September this year to raise money for their Caring With Impact programme. 

The money raised for this challenge is to pay towards a hip replacement for a lady who has been told that she will have to wait for approximately 2 years on a waiting list to get it done on a the national health. 

This hip replacement will get her back up on her Tough Mudder Toronto 2013 Sun Gudkov 0642feet and enable her to return to work, full time, something she is desperate to do.

"We felt this challenge was a perfect setting for us to put ourselves through trauma and pain for this worthy cause" said Andre Scholtz, director of learning and innovation. "Those who know me will fully appreciate the challenge this will take for me to get fighting fit"

Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. tough mudder flamesTough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won't find anywhere else. For more info watch the video below.

To make a donation or join team IBP, speak to your Account Manager, IBP contact or feel free to give us a call on 0207 649 9959. 




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