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shutterstock_182882813.jpgEurope has never before experienced such a volume on European immigration due to the failing economies of Southern Europe. Is this affecting your sales capability? Are you hiring more IQ with lower wages or dealing with more applicants with no relevant industry experience?

What is your sales force going to look like in 10 years time, when today’s European youth unemployment is higher than ever before 45-50% of 20-25 year olds in Spain, lower in Italy 39% of 15-24 years old. Lack of investment and funding is significantly impacting innovation, research and having incredible impact on youths entering to work life.

They are unlikely to have the opportunity and the relevant exposure and experience in working life and hence, are not evolving the basic skills (as recruiters/managers/leaders have), acumen and experience that is so vital to grow ones persona, intellect, capability and experience. Is this going to create a hole in the development in general (not at individual level) and therefore, a hole in capability in european sales forces in the next few years?


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