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In 2016 a key trend emerged in purchasing, based around personalising goods and services which is continuing into 2017 and beyond and Individualism is now seen as a Mega-trend - referring to the consumers growing desire to be recognised as having 'personal needs' rather than part of a mass market.
Big brands like Coke, Mini, Levis, Apple etc, have all focused hard on mass customisation to modify their products to encourage ownership of the product before purchase. 
Today’s demanding and sophisticated consumer increasingly welcomes customised products and services in their aspiration to be treated as an individual, which leaves big brands vulnerable to smaller quirkier ‘unbrands’ who are agile enough to provide a bespoke offer.  In fact being a big brand can be a disadvantage as consumers move away from safe, consistent brands in favour of seeking out the unique products and services that nobody else has.reebok customisation 1
In the letter below to her managers,  Laura Hatswell, trainer of a medium sized retailer,  discusses how Salecology helps her business in driving individual service in retail, fighting off the bigger brands who struggle to bring that personal touch.
Dear Managers,
In 2016 a key trend emerged in purchasing, based around personalising goods and services which is continuing into 2017 and beyond (see link below for mega trend Individualism update). This is great news for us as Salecology aims to help us to identify, match and build trust with the individual person. 
However if we go onto personalise our customers experience using their VAK style, we can effectively key into and lead them to a design that truly works for them. Along with superb product knowledge and customer service, the sales adviser should be able to build them a design, that not only matches their unique personalities but celebrates their need to truly be individual! 
Using online browsing and research will only get the purchaser so far and ultimately they will feel the need to check their decision in store. Take the visualiser for example, by tweaking tiles and paint colours will go a long way to feed the customers individual needs and desires. 
The use of a visualiser has already been copied by other companies and some are now branching into boutique stores in a bid to not look so 'BIG BRAND'.  Being the biggest takes an inexhaustible amount of time and money to maintain and core values can sometimes be lost in translation.
Put into the mix a change of purchasing style, big all of a sudden is not best
This puts the smaller individual company in a better position, particularly when the focus is on quality, luxury and personal service.
Personalisation is therefore the key and the way forward. We have the unique advantage of the Salecology tools, which if used effectively enable us to enhance our personal selling style to full effect. This should then meet the need of the individualists head on and capture their new and lucrative business as they visit our stores. We know that they are already coming in and that their expectations and demands are high.
If we continue to make Salecology our USP, it should enable us to out perform our competitor's, keeping the small ones in their place and the big brands chasing their tails. It should also give us the Holy Grail of holy grail's, repeat, recommended custom and ultimately brand awareness. 



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