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Generating New Opportunities

IBP’s Opportunity Creation programme helps sales people to engage prospects and existing customers in conversations that will unlock business opportunities. We demonstrate how winning sales teams succeed in opening doors to new customers while increasing spend from existing clients and driving contract renewals.

Attendees will develop their ability to:

  • Gain interest and quickly establish rapport and trust
  • Use industry insight and listening and questioning skills to help the customer understand the potential for change
  • Explore the customer’s challenges and needs, and provide tailored solutions that demonstrate great value


The programme is divided into three modules:

Module 1: Connect

This module focuses your attention on how to connect to the prospect and engage them into a conversation. 

If you are cold calling a new prospect or trying to get higher and wider across an existing client – what are you going to say once they say hello? Is it going to be another sales person trying to sell something – or are you going to grab their attention and make them want to talk to you.

If it is an existing customer– what are you going to say to focus their mind to have a wider conversation rather than a friendly chat with their account manager?

Key learning:

  • How customers buy your solutions
  • Selling in today’s world
  • Linking the Sales Process to the customer
  • The 3 Questions that determine success
  • 4 Parts of every Sales Call
  • Networking knowledge
  • Opening the Call


Module 2: Explore

This module demonstrates how to challenge the customers’ thinking and explore new opportunities with them. By understanding the difference between top performers and average sales people will help you to unlock your capability to explore the customers problems and help them realise the impact that they have on the organisation. 

Having the customer tell you problems is one thing, but in real terms, people live with problems and not all of them needs solving. You will learn how to convert these problems into an explicit desire to resolve them and help your customer to understand in resolving them, the value to their business.

Key learning:

  • How to avoid selling at the wrong time
  • How to build strong Needs
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Background Questions
  • Creating a burning platform for change
  • Extending the Impact of the solution
  • Building ROI metrics

Module 3: Demonstrate and Commit

Selling solutions means that at some point you have to sell! This module introduces how to match your products and services to meet the expressed needs of the customer. You will learn why customers object, how to spot genuine objections from negotiation tactics and how to overcome them. Learning how to advance the sale and getting the customer to commit to action is delivered to ensure that you can close the meeting with clear next steps that will move you around the customers buying cycle to the successful outcome.

Key Learning:

  • The cause of most objections
  • Pain and Gain Crib sheet
  • Making compelling Benefit Statements
  • Advancing the sale
  • Gaining Commitment


To learn more about generating new opportunities and discuss your training requirements, please contact us or why not come along to one of our MasterClasses.