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90% of customers won't buy unless you ask!

Everyone, whether they are in sales or not, understands that selling is about asking questions to find out what the customer wants or needs, show them your products and services and how they meet those needs, and then close the sale by asking for the order. But why do people find the asking for the order bit so difficult.

5 Reasons why leaders need to develop Emotional Intelligence

Are you a leader? Do you want to be one? You will need more than cognitive intelligence and technical expertise to get there and be successful at it. You also need emotional intelligence—maybe even more so than that impressive IQ. And you might be surprised at how vital mastering EI can be to your overall success. Here are 5 reasons why you should develop your emotional intelligence.... 

Why emotionally intelligent sales teams outperform the competition

For decades, emotional intelligence has been recognised as an important characteristic for leadership, but somehow sales leaders have not recognised the impact it has on both their own ability to drive their sales team, but also their sales teams abilities to read customers and influence outcomes. 

10 ways to make yourself more likeable

We can spend a lot of time thinking about value propositions, pricing, ROI's and alike, but we often overlook some simple things, such as do they like me! Like-ability is key in the power of influence and impact. Here are 10 ways that you can make yourself more likeable. 

The Chimp Paradox

Have you ever wondered what happens when people kick off and then calm down. The Chimp Paradox is a great read to learn lessons on how Neuroscience can be used to manage you and other peoples mind - when they just seem to blow up.