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10 ways to make yourself more likeable

We can spend a lot of time thinking about value propositions, pricing, ROI's and alike, but we often overlook some simple things, such as do they like me! Like-ability is key in the power of influence and impact. Here are 10 ways that you can make yourself more likeable. 

The Chimp Paradox

Have you ever wondered what happens when people kick off and then calm down. The Chimp Paradox is a great read to learn lessons on how Neuroscience can be used to manage you and other peoples mind - when they just seem to blow up.

Jony Ive provides emotion to logic

Traditional technology marketing often revolves around explaining a product’s features. It assumes if Product A has more or better features than Product B, and is priced competitively and is well supported, then Product A is what more consumers will buy. But there’s a little thing called emotion that often gets left out of the mix.....

What the colour your wearing says about you at the Christmas Party

We often talk about colour in terms of personality, but what colour you wear also sends out signals to those who are looking at you. What do you want them to see or feel when they look at you, and is the colour you are wearing sending the right or wrong signals this christmas. 

How to keep your sales team on target over the summer

For many, summer is the best time of year, but if you’re not careful, it can lead to a major drop in sales volume. Here’s how to prevent that.

Summer is often one of the hardest times of the year for sales managers. As temperatures warm up and employees start daydreaming about vacation, it’s easy to lose focus on sales, resulting in low numbers for the quarter...