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Does a return policy increase sales?

 Does telling the customer that we you can bring it back if its not right, or doesn't fit make a difference to whether they but it or not. What about if you offer a credit but not a cash refund, what about how long they are allowed to return it. This article looks at the latest research into just these questions.



Generation X hits 50 - How to sell to them now!

Most businesses are well aware of how to market to Generation X (those born 1961-1981), mainly because so many business leaders and managers today are part of Generation X. But as Gen Xers move into midlife (the oldest are 55, and youngest are 35), we are seeing a dramatic shift in how they view the world and purchase things....

Happy People Sell - Miserable ones don't!

Its back on British TV, Nev Wiltshire’s Call Centre has decided to expand and open an international call centre, not in Swansea, but in India.  This TV show is great to see how energy, enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude can help drive a business. The MD of this business has a very strong motto “Happy People Sell, Miserable b**std don’t! This is such a true statement....

10% of those reading this will become Millionaires in 5 years!

Latest statistics are showing that people who are in Sales and Marketing, either running their own businesses or working as a sales person or sales consultant for someone else, make up over 79% of all self made millionaires! These incredible results are amazing when you realise that if you want to be a millionaire the best role to be in is SALES.

Webinar – Adapting to the Buyers Persona

Our next free webinar is sharing thoughts on how to adapt the selling style to the customers personality - not their title.

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