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Leadership Baseline Reading

The Leadership Baseline takes a comprehensive look at your current performance and your persona to give you a complete health check of your leadership style and role. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as an executive can only help you become a more e ffective leader. Though undergoing a round of assessments may seem like a futile attempt to tell you what you already know about yourself, these tests can be quite pertinent in the information they provide. Assessments can give you insight into areas where you need to focus more attention and help you reinforce the skills that you excel at. The results may surprise you and will certainly allow you to be more successful as an executive within your organization and as your continue in your career.

The Leadership Baseline takes a holistic view of you as a whole and includes the following:

  • Leadership 360 Feedback
  • Aptitude assessment
  • Personality Profile
  • Behavioural Event Interview
  • Interview with your stakeholders (optional)


Following the Baseline Reading, you will receive a 1-2-1 session with one of our Senior Salecologists who will walk you through the findings of the report and support you in determining areas you excel at and any potential areas for improvement.

The session will cover:

  • Assessment Review
  • Consultation and coaching
  • Identify Performance Strengths
  • Identify Performance improvement areas
  • Support Objective Settings

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