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2767097It’s that time of year. You’ve received your invitation to your work Christmas bash and you're all excited. A lot of people start thinking about 'What to Wear' … but have you given any thought to what colour are you going to wear?

 In Salecology, we often talk about colour in terms of personalities but colour also represents itself in the eye of the beholder.  



So a couple of key things to consider -

1: How do you want to feel? Obviously we often dress based on feelings, but you need to consider

2:  how do you want others to interact with you? Do you want to be the life and soul of the party, or perhaps look chic and professional, but no matter how you are feeling there’s a colour for you.

Some women opt for the classic black party dress, made iconic from Chanel’s LBD. For those whose personalities truly resonates with black they look sophisticated, elegant and glamorous, says Karen Haller colour design consultant, for the rest of us, it can make us look strained and tired, usually compensated with wearing extra make-up. It enables you to create a protective barrier from others, blending into the crowd.  

If you’re after a change, why not try something different…

ASHLEY DRESS 3 coloursYellow – Shows you’re up for having fun, playful, expressing happiness.

Red – If you want all eyes on you, then wear this attention grabbing colour.

Turquoise – Shows you are approachable and open to conversation.

Purple – Creating an impact.

Pink – To emphasise your femininity.

Dark Green – Gives you reassurance and creates harmony and balance.

Dark Blue – Show you are trusting and wanting to be taken seriously.

The same colours work for male and females, ties, shirts, trousers, suits etc all provide an opinion in someones mind. 

The key is to ensure you select and pick colours that resonate with your personality type. If your up for some fun, try wearing colours that push your boundaries, but remember the colour will portray something that you will need to live up to - so if you choose to mix it up a bit - play along otherwise your be sending mixed signals :)

Regardless of what colours you chose to wear:
Colour can make you stand out from the crowd
Colour can make you memorable
Colour has an effect on you and how other respond to you



Have a great christmas.

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